Hardstyle FM is making a new powermix

Hardstyle FM is making a new powermix. Harder louder better that’s the theme. A lot of raw. With tracks from Fusion records, Theracords, Scantraxx and much more. Tracklist will follow. Also curious listen to February 24 (4:15 pm cet) to the new episode.

februari 20, 2019 0


Theracords – Straight from the hard 3

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januari 30, 2019 0


Straight from the hard

We are proud to announce the great news. As of February 15, we will present a new radio show at Hardstyle FM, namely Straight from the hard will be broadcast alongside real hardstyle radio (live) on Hardstyle FM radio. You should not miss 15 February (from 8:30 till 11:30). #gallery-2 { margin: ... Read more

januari 17, 2019 0


Aversion – In The Night

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer somewhere in the shadow’s danger is lurking, and no matter where you go, night must fall. This new track by Aversion will make you face your fears of what goes BUMP in the night.

november 19, 2018 0