Back after a short break

Next Sunday we will broadcast the new pwr mix vol 10 on Hardstyle FM. From 4.15 pm (cet) you can enjoy delicious euphoric tracks. But we finish the mix with raw.

juli 24, 2019 0


Hardstyle FM power mix vol 7

This Sunday it’s that time again. There is again a new Hardstyle FM power mix. This time we invited Broken tactics. Set your volume to maximum and this time you should not inform the neighbors but the entire neighborhood. what a fantastic mix. Sunday, May 19 from 4:15 pm – ... Read more

mei 17, 2019 0


Hardstyle FM powermix vol 5

Missed our new power mix? Or do you want to listen to powermix again? No problem! This is our new powermix episode 5. We have changed the slogan to harder, louder, better. It fits better with our power mix. Once again enjoy 30 minutes of the best rawtyle tracks ... Read more

maart 28, 2019 0


Powermix vol 5

The new power mix is coming. Sunday 24 March we will broadcast the new Powermix. What time? At 4:15 pm (cet). This Powermix is all about the best raw tracks of the moment. 30 minutes as usual, make the neighbors crazy and enjoy this mix

maart 21, 2019 0


Are you bored?

Are you bored? Have time to listen to Hardstyle FM today? Because at 16:15 we broadcast new Powermix. Tune in at 16:15 on Hardstyle FM

maart 10, 2019 0


Powermix vol 4

Are you ready for our new power mix? Can you handle this power mix? He will be broadcasted on Sunday 10 March. What time? At 16:15 (cet) we will turn Hardstyle FM upside down! But also the neighbors.

maart 06, 2019 0


Powermix vol 3

2 Faced | Alpha twins | Caine | D Block & S te fan | D-sturb | Digital punk | Distrix | Aversion | Helix | Jack of sound | Keltek | Primeshock | Notorious two | Project one | Retailliation | Retrospect | Ricardo Monero | Royal S ... Read more

februari 26, 2019 0


Hardstyle FM is making a new powermix

Hardstyle FM is making a new powermix. Harder louder better that’s the theme. A lot of raw. With tracks from Fusion records, Theracords, Scantraxx and much more. Tracklist will follow. Also curious listen to February 24 (4:15 pm cet) to the new episode.

februari 20, 2019 0


Hardstyle FM powermix January

Turn your speakers to the max, Warn your neighbors! Hardstyle FM has put together a mix for you that caresses your ears. We start with Hardstyle and end with Hardcore tracks. Do you dare to listen to this powermix?

januari 23, 2019 0