Hardstyle FM anthem in 8th place in wdc

Everything indicates that 2019 will be a top year for Hardstyle FM. The first 2 months we have already had 500,000 listeners. Several large podcasts have been taken to Hardstyle FM and we are working on getting some big names to Hardstyle FM. In the first 2 months we have had several highlights such as: most listeners in one day, most listeners per month and largest growth in history in the first quarter, namely a growth of 200%. We have doubled our listeners. And last year we asked Benny Nickel aka Noisecrasherz to make the anthem for 2019. And Benny has made a big anthem for us so thick that he is now in 8th place in the wdc charts.

What will 2019 bring for 2019. Many good things.




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