For dJ's

I want to sign up for my own radio show

We are always looking for new talents. Sign up as a DJ here

What demands do you have on a DJ

  • Must have at least 1 year of experience.
  • A dj is responsible for his radio show.
  • Artwork must deliver a dj by himself.
  • We ask for at least 6 radio shows per year.

We require a dj to behave in a decent manner. Both internally and externally. A dj is the face of our radio station. A professional attitude is desirable.

I do not hear anything about my application.

We make every effort to respond as quickly as possible to a registration. Due to the many registrations it may be that this will be processed later.

It is also possible that we do not have enough airtime within our radio station. We will process all registrations as soon as there is room again. We will contact you via Facebook to schedule a date and time.

What time slots do you manage

At least 30 minutes
Normal time slot is 60 minutes
Time slot of more than 60 minutes we only do by appointment

We have a tight schedule with a 15-minute run-out. These 15 minutes are used for advertising.

My broadcast does not start on time.

We will make every effort to ensure that everything runs through our programming. It may be that a broadcast starts later as the indicated time. This will usually be 5 to 10 minutes because a song has been started just before a broadcast.

I want to submit my radio show

We have 3 options to submit a broadcast.

Option 1: Submit via email.
Option 2: Upload to our streaming server.
Option 3: With Facebook messenger.

1. Submit via email:
Podcasts are sent to podcasts [at] hardstylefm [dot] eu
We only accept wetranfer

2. Upload to our streaming server:
Once the registration is processed there is the possibility to access our server. This must be applied for.

3. It is also possible to hand in your radio show with Facebook messenger.

We do not accept other methods for safety reasons.

How many days in advance should I hand in my radio show

We use 2 days in advance. The reason for this. We have enough time to process everything.

Mention on website.

1. Every DJ who has submitted at least 1 radio show is added to the website as soon as possible.
2. Radio shows will be uploaded on the website the week after.
3. We also have a chart for the best-listened radio shows from our website. To get as high as possible with your radio show, It is important to promote it as much as possible.

Can I also stream live?

We have this function. However, this function is only available for special events and a small group of DJs within Hardstyle FM.

Applications for a live stream function can be done via Facebook or this email address beheerders [at] hardstylefm [dot] eu

No time to submit a radio show.

This is no problem. If no radio show is submitted, the old radio show will be broadcast.

If this happens several times then we will put the podcast into the schedule as an option. We reserve the day and time until there is a new registration of a new DJ or if a new radio show is submitted. Then the radio show is continued *.

* This can be a different time and day.

Other information

  • We only support mp3 format.
  • A radio show can be up to 200 MB for a 60-minute broadcast.
  • Our streaming server broadcasts at 320 kbps. In order to prevent loss of quality, we also recommend using this bitrate during recording.
  • A good title and id3tag is important. So always include your DJ name and title of the radio show in your mp3 file.