• Toegestane bestandstypen: mp3.

Your track on the biggest radio station in Europe? Play your track on a radio station of more than 1.2 million listeners per year? Drop your track today!

What should a track meet?

A track must be submitted as mp3.
Meeting our quality requirements.
Be a mastered track.
Bitrate 320 kbps.
Music style: freestyle, hardstyle or hardcore

What else happens with my track.

As soon as we receive a fully completed form, we will process your track.

– We will schedule the track in Release Tuesday.
– The track is promoted on our website and social media channels.
– The track is included in our non stop programming.

This is completely free. We do not ask much back just the following:

– Advertising for Hardstyle FM.
– Facebook message with Hardstyle FM in it.
– Share and like our page.

When will my track be scheduled

When we schedule a track, we always contact you via Facebook. If you do not receive a message, your track will not be scheduled.