Merry christmas and a happy new year

I want to thank everyone at Hardstyle FM for the wonderful 4 years I have experienced. What we have achieved in 4 years I never expected. We could never have done this without our DJs and loyal listeners. Set your volume to maximum  the last days so that we ... Read more

december 20, 2019 0


Hardstyle FM will be 4 years old tomorrow. Unfortunately we cannot say that a 5th year will be added. I must say that I am proud of what we have all achieved. Started as a small hobby project has grown into a platform that can be there. Many DJs ... Read more

november 11, 2019 0


Hardstyle FM important news

Met pijn in mijn hart moet ik mededelen dat op 1 jan 2020 het radiogedeelte en website van Hardstyle FM offline zal gaan. We zullen op 1 jan stoppen met het radiogedeelte en onze website. Onze social media kanalen zullen nog wel blijven bestaan. De reden hiervoor is het ... Read more

oktober 09, 2019 0


Nieuwe pwr mix komt eraan

Brace your ears. The new pwr mix is ready. It is shorter than normal. We deliberately did this to protect your ears. This edition focuses on raw to hardcore. Mainly the loudest tracks of the moment.

september 03, 2019 0


Back after a short break

Next Sunday we will broadcast the new pwr mix vol 10 on Hardstyle FM. From 4.15 pm (cet) you can enjoy delicious euphoric tracks. But we finish the mix with raw.

juli 24, 2019 0


July 12 we will move to our new server.

From next Friday, July 12, we will broadcast from our new server. This means that our old server will go offline in the coming days. We can be found on the following pages: Shoutcast  We do have a listing on but due to a bug in their system you can’t ... Read more

juli 10, 2019 0


Hardstyle FM is growing / moving

Hardstyle FM is growing. We’re getting even bigger! We have chosen to move our radio station to a new server with more capacity. We have used this point to make a number of changes with regard to music styles. We will now represent the following styles: Early (new) Euphoric Hardstyle (new) Main stream ... Read more

juli 05, 2019 0


Hardstyle FM power mix vol 7

This Sunday it’s that time again. There is again a new Hardstyle FM power mix. This time we invited Broken tactics. Set your volume to maximum and this time you should not inform the neighbors but the entire neighborhood. what a fantastic mix. Sunday, May 19 from 4:15 pm – ... Read more

mei 17, 2019 0


Vigor is back on Hardstyle FM radio

Vigor is back again. Music for the hardheads a podcast by American hardstyle producer from the city of Los Angeles signed on Nutty traxx records from the uk this show is to promote up-and-coming producers mixed by Vigor who stands for the energetic side and raw style hyper sound or ... Read more

april 06, 2019 0


Inzanity show

Nothing to do tonight? Hardstyle FM has something for you! Tonight the new episode of the Inzanity show will be broadcast on Hardstyle FM Time: 20:30 (cet)

maart 21, 2019 0