Two point zero

Back in 2013 Kevin Oosthof started a project called Audiotoro. Within a few years this project became bigger and in 2016 the Audiotoro Show was created. Since then the show broadcasted every week on Friday and Audiotoro became a known face on all socials.
In 2016 Rick Veenstra saw Kevin on Facebook and they decided to send their music to each other. After that it all happened very quickly. The First invite for his Show in April 2017 was not the last time for Rick would make an appearance. He quickly became a regular on the show.
In September 2017 after several shows they decided to go further with a different alias. Their vision about Hardstyle was united, they shared the same love for the older days of Hardstyle Classics and the whole idea was shaped and formed by itself.
‘’Two Point Zero’’ was born.
Giving the classic style a 2.0 version is their goal, with many edits of older tracks and producing their own Hardstyle with this same classic feel they are going to bring back the old with the quality of the present!


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