Marc Dimera

” Always had a real passion for music. Started playing music and doing live-gigs as a DJ at the age of 17.
before that, I First played on an acoustic guitar at the age of 11 to my 13th.
These were my first musical activities and inspirations.

The first parties I played as DJ (from my 17th year) were at home for my friends.
Later started recording own mixtapes, with tracks of the radio Mixed together on tapes. how oldschool sounds that for now?!
In that period I also learned from a good friend how to play on turntables with vinyl records. 
We bought our vinyl records at midtown records rotterdam.
Long ago On friday nights I visited a lot editions of the ultimate sedcution parties in alcazar puttershoek.
In my early years (around 2002), lady dana and dj gizmo were my greatest idols.

 From that moment on, I was no longer able to beat out the (harder) dance.

after that from my 16th till now, I visit a lot of dance events and parties (like Dominator, qlimax, decibel etc.. etc..)
to stay up-to-date about the latest tracks and artists in the (hard) dance scene. I also do this to stay informed about the atmosphere which is going on in the scene, that’s why I well informed about the latest trends and do’s & don’ts.
From 2011 till 2014 (from the age of 23 till my 26) I managed my own music label called: Rawnetic Records.
It housed different dance styles and multiple young talented dutch dj’s and producers.
Rawnetic records also organized a number of own parties.
Counted on the peak, rawnetic has 14 members. In 2014 it fell under.
Reasons for that were different opinions And insights within the group.
I also wanted to devote the music more and more to myself. That was also an important goal.
For years I had deciphered my talent for others. I was only involved in counseling and coaching of other talents.
After this decision, I was able to focus my music career more on myself.
I have kept a good network on rawnetic. My current photographers Ashwin and arko Have stayed with me from the rawnetic time.
From this time I learned a lot! It was a great experience I would never have missed. 
But now it was time to move on. From that moment on, I began to get more bookings for myself.

What started in local pubs and cafes and now has come to an official festival (2016). 
These days I still like to play at smaller private parties and pubs! Because I am a true lover of the thing I do!
In the period after rawnetic I also began to get more media attention and support.
It started at RTV Papendrecht on the Aalst Muzikalis show. They played my newest tracks on that show. 
Not much later, more followed like radiostation: Zap!fm. Multiple visits followed.
At the end of 2015 there was my first release of the bass ’n bitches podcast. Then it went fast.
My bass ’n bitches mixtapes were signed at real hardstyle radio and also received (online) media support from event organizer
The rough factory and international podcast publisher world core project.
My podcast helped me to get my first official freestyle party bookings in 2016 and also my first gignights abroad the Netherlands at Hungary Balaton siófok barstreet. The most precious thing I have achieved up to now!

At this moment (2017) I’m very busy to train my producing skills, to get better own tracks and bring them on a higher level.
​​The intention is to release them in the future on a nice and good hard dance label. But first I’ve to learn a lot more about the software (fl-studio), Which I use by producing music. It’s one of my goals to achieve this. Then there will hopefully be more bigger bookings and performances in the future. In the meanwhile, I’m also often put on guest lists by artists and organizations out of the scene To meet each other And discuss matters. At this point of life I’m grateful with the dj career I have now. But of course I want to achieve more and keep developing myself. ​Music will bring me more beautiful experiences and memories in the future.
​I am convinced that! “

Greetz & cheerz, Marc Dimera


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