General Guyble

General Guyble is a Hardstyle DJ and producer. Even though he’s still a newcomer in the world of Hardstyle, General Guyble already left his mark in the bigger world of music.

Born in the former Soviet Union and raised in Germany. His musical journey started first by playing his favourite Punkrock and Metal songs on his guitar and producing Hip Hop. Later by producing all kinds of electronic dance music.

He has been a music industry professional long before the project General Guyble was born. Over the last decade he produced a number of 19 official released Albums, had a top 20 hit in the german black charts and various DJ performances in clubs, radio and even on Television. Still finding his sound, he worked as an engineer/producer in different studios in Germany and later at Studio DMI in Las Vegas. He has engineering credits for Artists like Major Lazer, Lil Jon, Pharell Williams, Ludacris, Pitbull and many more. Also in the Hard Dance Scene he left his mark with Engineering Credits for Artists like Noize Suppressor, DJ Mad Dog, Angerfist, Unexist and Marc Acardipane.

It was in the beginning of 2013, when he produced a track for another project, where the Label requested a remix for the release. General Guyble did the remix of that track and decided to call it “Bit Bangerz – Lasershow (General Guyble Remix)”. That was the very first track under the alias General Guyble.

He went on with producing electro house and big room house until 2015. Already made a lot of buzz in that genre with 30.000+ plays on most of his bootleg remixes and huge support by big DJs.

In mid 2015 he decided to move to Hardstyle. A genre he was following very close since 2009 and never got tired of. The very first Hardstyle track General Guyble ever did was “You’re Not Alone”, which got picked up by the legendary Hardstyle Label “Dutch Master Works” and got released on their sublabel “4-Dots”.

More releases on “4-Dots” followed. In 2016 he played his first DJ set as a Hardstyle DJ at RawMadness in the Netherlands, which turned out to be a huge success.

General Guyble’s tracks have been supported by lots of big Hardstyle DJs and even Hardcore DJs like Noize Suppressor, Rob Gee and F-Noize played his tracks in their DJ sets.

Nowadays he lives in the Netherlands, the number one country for Hard Dance Music. He continues to produce new tracks and work with big Artists from all kinds of different Hard Dance genres.


Let the music tell you the rest of the story and find out more:





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