Hardstyle FM will be 4 years old tomorrow. Unfortunately we cannot say that a 5th year will be added. I must say that I am proud of what we have all achieved. Started as a small hobby project has grown into a platform that can be there. Many DJs have made their contribution and I am very grateful to these DJs. Of course we will not let the 4 year anniversary pass by.

From November 12 to Dec. 31, all podcasts that I have received will be broadcast from Monday to Friday. There are many of them. The normal podcasts will continue as usual on Saturday and Sunday.

On December 31 we have our annual marathon and unfortunately on Jan 1, 12.00 (cet) we will take the radio station offline. Our Facebook page will remain online and may continue under a different name.

With this message I want to thank everyone for the wonderful 4 years.


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