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Inzanity show

We are proud to announce that Fusion records also brings the Inzanity show to Hardstyle FM. Every 3rd Thursday of the month we will broadcast this show. What time? Well from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm [cet]. This show from DJ Zany will be a nice addition to our programming. The first broadcast will take place tomorrow. So tomorrow you just listen to Hardstyle FM.

Hardstyle FM is making a new powermix

Hardstyle FM is making a new powermix. Harder louder better that's the theme. A lot of raw. With tracks from Fusion records, Theracords, Scantraxx and much more. Tracklist will follow. Also curious listen to February 24 (4:15 pm cet) to the new episode.

Hardbase tribute

Everything comes to an end. Hard base has been a household name in the hardstyle scene for years. We from Hardstyle FM can not ignore this. That is why we will broadcast 2 of the best sets on Hardstyle FM today. Tune in at 16:00 - 19:00 (cet)