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februari 2, 2017


Hello, My name is Erik from Holland. I've been into music as long as I can remember. Always had this special connection like a lot of you people out there had. I started listening to Hardstyle and Hardcore since I was 9 years old. I also like other genres ... Read more

februari 02, 2017 0

februari 8, 2017


The Dutch (Raw)Hardstyle duo 'TWSTD' consists out of two members, namely; Rohan de Soet (27) & Edgar Smits (28), both from Zoetermeer. They found eachother in the end of 2007 and actually, their first meeting was music related. Edgar was already involved with the 'learn how to mix and produce' ... Read more

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februari 1, 2017


Re-vamp is known as Richard Alles & Cornell van Eldik. Together they are a great team, with loads of love for the music! Expect some great hardstyle!

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februari 7, 2017


Hallo mijn naam is Timo Dekker. Mijn style Hardstyle, Raw Hardstyle en Hardcore. . Via www.soundcloud.com/dj_TMO vind je mijn sets. momenteel bezig met 2 tracks te produceren. more info soon! pagina delen word gewaardeerd

februari 07, 2017 0