Legacy is a Hardstyle act formed in 2011 by Erwin van den Ouweland and Nick Vereijken from Nuenen, The Netherlands. Their passion for Hardstyle brought them together in the studio and when things got serious they signed with Excess Records.

While Legacy started out producing euphoric Hardstyle, they now prefer to get as Raw as possible. Legacy is known for their unique and raw style, which they are trying to perfect every day.

Before Nick and Erwin got introduced to each other Nick was producing Breakbeat and Hardcore, and Erwin was producing Hardstyle and cinematic tracks. After several meetings it became clear for them that they complemented each other, and decided to work together on an act called Legacy.

With Nick behind the wheels of steel, Legacy has performed on Sunglow Festival, Strangerz, Output: The Raw Society and more! Their recently released track ‘Revenge’ made it to Villain’s Xxlerator podcast as Talent Track! Stay tuned as there is a lot more where that came from!


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