Dj Neferiti

after many years of going out and being fascinated by all kinds of music styles and how there being mixt by al the different dj’s i quickly became addicted to it and wanted to became a dj for myself and wanted to accomplish a new dream of mine and mix on a big festival

so i started to learn mixing in okt 2013 with a controller but i quickly changed to the real stuff and got me a pair off pioneers cdj2000 to perfect my own mixes and dj skills i quickly became after that in the spring off 2014 resident @ kabarka the still only remaining hardcore club in belgium

the in sept. of 2014 i enter’t a dj contest from mixindustry radio where i won my own radio show where you can listen me mixing every Thursday morning from 00 am till 01 am

and from 2015 i will start as the new resident dj @ Bobby’s where i will extend my radio show hardbass into crazy hardstyle friday party’s